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Get a 10,000 Foot View of Your Conservation Portfolio

DropZoneCDM is a cloud-based software solution from Parachute Software that allows utilities to manage customer and CDM program information in a single location.

DropZoneCDM allows utilities to manage relationships with all of their customers and consolidate the entire portfolio of CDM activities. With an easy to use and flexible data import component, utilities can add and update customer and CDM participation information regularly. CDM results can be imported into the system from any provider to allow the utility to have a view across all programs. CDM staff can enter notes, communications and follow up activities that can be shared across the organization.

By offering a single data repository for all CDM program activity, DropZoneCDM allows utilities to report on program effectiveness and future opportunities. Through Dashboard Ad-Hoc or Canned Reports, DropZoneCDM provides all of the necessary data to assist in program reviews and future planning.

Consolidate Data

Imports customer data from any billing system, and program results from any provider

Team Collaboration

Tracks customer contacts and communications, images and documents


Displays consolidated results for all CDM programs and activities

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